It’s in the name! It is a coalition born of a single idea between a husband and wife with a love for the outdoors. We are here to show El Paso our beautiful State Park with all of its beautiful trails. We also have an awesome apparel line coming for you to sport while hiking those trails! Proceeds from each sale will aid in keeping the Franklin Mountains an open clean safe place for everyone to play!

Depends on the adventure you’re looking for! Feel free to contact us and we can definitely get you the answer you’re looking for. Subscribe to our blog and be on the look out for group hikes that are catered from beginner to expert. We will have guided tours of all the trails in El Paso.

The Franklins cover almost 40 square miles of land with 127 miles total in trails all interweaving themselves through the great state park!

Glad you asked! Please contact us and let us know how you would like to help! We would love to have some brand ambassadors spread the word or help with hikes and even just donate.