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About us

Our Mission

Hike, climb, camp… wherever the soles of our boots take us. Oh, and create colorful, branded, comfy clothing to do that in.


Our vision

Is to hike in a warm, sunny place in our hearts we love to explore over and over: our own backyard… The Franklin Mountains. Locations like the Ron Coleman Trail, Mammoth Rock, The Window,  Smugglers’ Pass, The Tin Mines, Mundy’s Gap, the B-36 Crash Site, and the Aztec Caves are few of the numerous wiles and adventures these mountains have to offer. We learned that not too many people knew about these amazing sights right here at home in El Paso. After a quick survey, we found that 3 out of 5 people had no idea what or where Mammoth Rock was. (it sits at the top of the Ron Coleman Trail on Trans Mountain. Traffic passes it every day).

So we want to bring that to El Paso. Mammoth Rock is a big symbol in the hiking community, and so we adopted it into our brand. A hiking brand.


Our Story


It was love at first sight.


We were attracted to each other because we both had a love for hiking, camping, and the outdoors. The feeling of wanderlust in love took over us, causing the stars in our skies to glow brightly over every campsite and night-hike trail we would hit. We enjoyed everywhere our boots took us: Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, Las Cruces, the Gila Wilderness, Southern Colorado, even the foothills of Los Angeles, simply to name a few close favorites and a couple out-of-towners. But our hearts belong to the Franklins. We live the Franklin Mountain Life every day


An idea was born…


Everyday my husband and I drive through the Franklins on Transmountain Road, revealing a spectacular view of the range and sunrise on the other side. One of those days on our commute, we thought to ourselves: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a brand to represent our unique mountains”? Now, we here in El Paso love supporting local businesses and any ideas that are about representing the 915. The Franklin Mountain Life is no different; we support any and all local endeavours with the hopes of feeling the love for ourselves! As with all successful things in life…


It was at this point that our logo was born. Naturally, it was love at first sight!



Alexis Garcia

Designer, Boss Lady, Public Relations, Trail Blazer

Don’t ask her who runs the world… wait no… do


Gus Garcia

Photographer, Hiking Guru, Graphics, Trail Maker

His native tongue: Earth


Nicole Thompson

Marketing, Accounts, Business Master

Quiet, but tough as nails


Joseph Brooks

Web, Graphics, Marketing Guru

He puts the ‘Bro’ in Broseph

It’s all about the Family

We are not the typical blended family. We are blessed to have a healthy relationship with my oldest daughter’s father and step mom and we have decided to join forces with them. This sounds weird to some but to us they are friends and family very close to us that share the same dreams of originality and the ability to create something special. We all have brought our different talents to the table that have worked perfectly in forming the Franklin Mountain Life brand.

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